Tow trucks at J.D.’s Wrecker provide reliable service 24 hours a day.

Towing and wrecker service for the northern Big Country

We can assist you any time, day or night, no matter the size of your vehicle or the weather conditions with our towing company in Anson, Texas, and Munday, Texas. If we can’t fix the problem on the spot, we’ll bring your vehicle to our body shop to complete the repair work.

A few reasons to trust JD’s Wrecker:

  • Zero damage claims
  • More than 100 years of combined towing experience on staff
  • Convenient access with yards in Munday and Anson
  • Family-owned since 1979
J.D.’s Wrecker Service is nationally recognized for towing and roadside assistance.

Nationally recognized wrecker service and towing company in Anson

As the recipient of the 2017 Donnie Cruse Recovery Award, we were featured in American Towmanmagazine for our teamwork, communication and professionalism in the recovery of a new Ford Escape from a drainage ditch.

We also were selected among entries to Tow Timesmagazine’s 2017 Shine ’n Star “Working Trucks” Contest for keeping our high-mileage “wrecker” (or tow truck) in top-notch shape. “Nobody wants a beat-up truck to tow their vehicle,” owner J.D. Rollins says. “We want our customers to trust.  We’ll take care of your ride as well we take care of ours.”

What to do if your car breaks down

If you find yourself at the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle, you’re in a vulnerable position — especially at night. Make sure you minimize the risk of accident or injury while you wait for our tow truck and wrecker service.

  • Activate your hazard lights to let other drivers know that you’re experiencing problems. This is especially important at night when visibility is low.
  • Pull over as far off the shoulder as you can to distance yourself from other drivers on the road.
  • Set flares or reflectors around your vehicle if you have an emergency kit and feel safe doing so. Remember to exit your vehicle from the passenger side rather than the driver’s side. If you don’t feel safe, wait in your vehicle with the doors locked and your hazard lights on.
  • Note your location using a GPS if you’re not familiar with the area. Most smart phones have a “pin drop” function you can use to determine your exact location.
  • Call J.D.’s Wrecker for towing and roadside assistance for all kinds of vehicles at any hour or the day or night.
J.D.’s Wrecker is available 24/7 for help when you need it. We serve the Big Country, especially the region north of Abilene.